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San Diego

San Diego

San Diego This exciting city is a must-see! San Diego has a lot of exciting things to offer for every tourist. If you are planning to visit San Diego, feel free to contact us for arranging the perfect hotel during your stay!

San Diego is located in South California. This old seaside city has a modern style to it and is the second largest city of California and the seventh largest city of America. The city’s metropolitan area includes 18 small cities with a total population of more than 2.8 million people. Nearby cities include Los Angeles, Tijuana and Las Vegas, situated 20 kilometres from the Mexican border. San Diego’s public transport is very convenient. Next to this, San Diego has districts with the most favourable climate in whole America, with a mild climate and abundant sunshine. San Diego is an exciting city and offers visitors a lot of tourist attractions and activities, which are all well worth visiting. If you require more information about San Diego, you can have a look at the official website of San Diego.

Because San Diego is facing towards the Pacific Ocean, it has beautiful beaches, forests and mountains. Some of San Diego’s famous beaches include Blacks Beach, La Jolla Shores and much more, with a coastline of 27 kilometres in length. Within the city there are a lot of specific style shops and restaurants. Next to beaches, San Diego also has other famous tourist attractions, like the world-famous San Diego Zoo, San Diego Wild Animal Park and San Diego Seaworld. A lot of people are of the opinion that San Diego would be America’s most charming city, with a changing climate and natural environment attracting a large number of tourists. Next to visiting these famous tourist attractions, people are also able to enjoy numerous activities, like playing golf, tennis, surfing, diving, windsurfing, fishing, water skiing, horse riding, ice skating and much more. The snacks in San Diego are a gathering of flavours by many countries, including Europe, America, Mexico, Asia and more. San Diego’s annual feasts include for example the Comics Festival, San Diego Del Mar Fair and street musical festivals.

At the same time, San Diego also boasts art and intellectual halls which attracts many art loving visitors from all over the world. With 15 museums and 9 performance theatres, Balboa Park is San Diego’s cultural and art hub. In this beautiful park there is a large and rich vegetation and constructions from the Spanish colonial period; it is a great joy to spend a day here. In San Diego Natural History Museum tourists can appreciate many works of art. If tourists require more knowledge about aerospace, they can go to the Air and Space Museum, where they can look at the spacecraft command module Apollo 9; The Museum of Contemporary Art is close to the La Jolla Shores. In the museum more than 4000 pieces of art from after the 1950’s are at display. At the same time the museum also has art pieces from emerging artists and all kinds of art like paintings, sculptures, photography, video and film.

From an historical aspect, San Diego originally was a military fortress from Spain. In 1834 it belonged to Mexico, in 1846 is was occupied by America and in 1850 it was established as a city. During the Second World War, San Diego was the US army west coastal headquarters station and the home base of Pearl Harbor. Nowadays, San Diego is also home to large-scale wireless communication companies and research institutions, including Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Samsung, Intel, Motorola, Panasonic and other global mainstream high-tech enterprises.

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No doubt San Diego will offer you a truly unforgettable experience!

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