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Along with the Olympics in 2008, Beijing became one of the most well-known cities of the world. On 1 October 1949, Beijing officially became the capital of the People’s Republic of China. Masses of people are drawn to this city because of its many cultural aspects. Beijing has specific geological, environmental, climate, cultural and long history features. For a huge number of people, these are all important reasons for wanting to travel to China. If you are looking for hotels in Beijing, can provide you with the optimal accommodation!

Beijing Travel Beijing has many cultural relics. These are popular tourist destinations, like the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, the Old Summer Palace, Ming Tombs, parks and much more. The most famous heritage is probably the Great Wall. Its construction began more than 2000 years ago. The Great Wall is situated in the North of China. In total, the Great Wall is about 6700 kilometres long. This miraculous constructure was built by 300.000 people.

The Forbidden City in Beijing is also very famous, covering 1087 acres. From north to south, the wall is 961 metres long and from east to west 753 metres long. This heritage is definitely worth visiting! The surrounding walls are 10 metres high, which symbolizes the meaning of the Forbidden City.

Another popular tourist destination is the Summer Palace. The Summer Palace is situated in the west of Beijing, and covers about 290 acres. The Summer Palace was the first classical Chinese garden, and is also one of the biggest imperical gardens of the world.

The Temple of Heaven is included on the 'World Heritage List'. The Temple of Heaven is situated in Chongwen district, Beijing and its construction began in the beginning of the Ming Dynasty. The Temple of Heaven is Beijing's largest garden park and symbolizes the history of Beijing. The Old Summer Palace is located in the west of Haidian district Beijing, covering about 5200 acres. The Old Summer Palace has a lot of special landscape features. The Ming Tombs are located in northwest Beijing and covers a total area of 120 square kilometres. In Beijing there are a lot of important parks. Even though Beijing is becoming quite modern, Beijing 'Hutongs' are also still very popular.

Beijing Travel Beijing is a cultural hub, it has a lot of differences compared with other countries which enables visitors experience new customs and habits. China is very famous for its caligraphy, painting, handicrafs and special celebrations (like the Chinese New Year). Next to this, there are also all kinds of religion and sports in Beijing, for example Gongfu. Also worth mentioning is the Chinese food and drinks. For example, in China tea is very important. Concerning customs, Chinese use chopsticks for eating. Foreigners are not that familiar with the use of chopsticks. In China there are a lot of different cuisines, and dishes in Beijing are often grilled, fried, stewed or steamed. The way of cooking often involves adding special flavors to certain dishes, like peppers, garlic, ginger, scallions and parsley. The most popular dish in Beijing is Beijing Roast Duck.

This famous city of China boasts modern art, music, karaoke, culture and consumer trends, Beijing dialect, history, literature and special customs. Next to this, there is a booming night-life as well with music, opera, acrobatics and theatre.

Just like other cities, Studios92 offers visitors in Beijing great accommodation deals, transportation and all kinds of information. For more information about accommodation in Beijing, feel free to submit an enquiry or contact Studios92.You can also visit the local government tourism website, providing more information about Beijing.

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