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Vancouver, Leading the Eco Revolution

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Declared to be the ‘greenest city in Northern America’ by The Independent, Canada’s Vancouver seems to be paving the way for eco-conscious cities the world over. From eco-friendly fashion, to green hotels, to ethical policies, Vancouver really is the place to be if you want an eco-aware holiday.

Eco Stay. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Vancouver but aren’t sure about how ethically sound the hotels you’re researching are, why not check out the Pacific Palisades hotel, which claims it’s ‘committed to being eco friendly while still providing a fun and fabulous boutique hotel experience’.

Some of the eco-friendly policies at work in the hotel are: low-flow water valves in all guest rooms, composting of waste from the kitchens, energy efficient light bulbs throughout, and organic products in the hotel honour bars. The hotel also offer calculate your carbon offset for you if you fly in, allowing you to participate even further in the green process.

Eco Shop. Vancouver is certainly leading the way for eco fashion, offering over 20 eco-friendly boutiques in the city. If you’re interested in green fashion, why not have a look in Oqoqo (, an organic label made by Lululemon which uses boolux (bamboo), soy, hemp and other organic materials to make mostly casual knitwear.

Affordable and well-styled, you’re sure to be impressed by how comfortable their clothes are. Or, if you’re after a shop with a variety of collections, hop over to the boho-chic Granville Island to explore Organix Clothing, which offers different labels as well as accessories and baby wear.

Eco Policy. Vancouver politics have had a lot to do with the eco-friendly reputation the city holds. On July 1st 2008, for example, British Columbia introduced a carbon tax, charged at the rate of $10 per tonne of carbon dioxide emissions for gasoline and home-heating fuel. Vancouver also provided citizens with a $100 Climate Action Dividend in June, prompting them to spend it on purchases that reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and, in doing so, reduce the amount they pay in carbon tax. are one of many online travel companies who now offer cheap flights to Canada, so you can easily plan a trip to this green and unique city.

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